Maxus eDelivers to Medstrom

1 Posted: 1st Jul 2022
Maxus eDelivers to Medstrom
  • Drayton Motors Maxus eDelivers 5 new vans to Medstrom


    Drayton motors Maxus are excited to announce the delivery of 5 brand new eDeliver9 electric-powered vans to Medstrom.

    Medstrom is an independent UK manufacturer of hospital beds and is the second largest provider of ‘Total bed management’ services to the NHS, with over 25% of the UK’s acute care beds and mattresses fleet under its management.

    The eDeliver 9 is the largest electric-powered van in the MAXUS range. This eco-friendly panel van boasts a 150Kw / 310Nm motor partnered with either a 51.5Kwh, 72Kwh or 88.55 Kwh battery configuration which produces a WLTP city range of up to 219 miles/353 kms and a fast charge of 80% in just 40 minutes. With convenient features such as a reverse parking camera, 10” touch screen display, cruise control and keyless entry/start, the eDeliver9 also exhibits a huge loading space – with a max load length of 3.4 m and standing height of 1.7m.

    The vans will enter Medstrom’s service vehicle fleet, where they will be used on a daily basis to help with the transport, installation, maintenance and removal of medical equipment from the acute and community healthcare sectors.

    Medstrom’s current fleet consists of 62 vans that cover an average of 3,950 miles per day! Our Maxus eDeliver9s are joining a growing fleet of electric vans, dedicated to Medstrom’s service team.

    David Belli, CEO at Medstrom, says: “We are well underway with transitioning our fleet of company cars to be entirely EV, with nearly 80% no longer being powered by fossil fuels. Aligning closely with the NHS’s net zero strategy, we intend to reach our own net zero target by 2030.”

    Alongside the electrification of their fleet, Medstrom have implemented further projects to reduce their carbon footprint, including:

    • An environmentally friendly decontamination service, which uses OZONE technology to reduce energy and water consumption; eradicating the use of harsh chemicals and detergents and extending the lifespan of mattress covers in use.
    • The recycling, rehoming and reuse of aging bed frames coming out of UK hospitals - partnering with healthcare charities globally to improve their access to equipment.
    • The consolidation of utility suppliers on to a single company tariff, with a focus on renewable energy suppliers.
    • Enhancing their local supply chain options to reduce carbon impact through transport. 90% of their current supply chain is UK based.

    David explained what made him choose MAXUS: “The increased size and electric range of the Maxus eDeliver 9 meant we could fulfil more of our typical day-to-day service activities with this type of van. After a search online, we discovered Drayton Motors and a great promotional offer that we wanted to take advantage of. Even though there were more local dealers that we could have gone with, we felt the overall service experience was great and we would definitely work with Drayton Motors again.”

  • Neil Cameron, MAXUS Sales Manager at Drayton Motors, said: “It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with Medstrom. Everybody I have come into contact with has been enthusiastic about the electric van offering we have at Maxus. After a long initial chat with David Belli, we agreed that an extended trial of the eDeliver 9 would be the best way to determine how Maxus electric vans would meet their business needs. It was great news to hear the evaluation went well and we really hope that the 5 vans to be delivered on 1st July are the first of many MAXUS additions to the Medstrom fleet."

    Neil added: "In recognition of Drayton Motors' Buy a Car, Get One Tree initiative, we’re pleased to announce that we’ll be planting 5 trees for Medstrom as a welcome to the Drayton Motors family. At Drayton Motors, we are always seeking new ways to reduce the impact our business has on the environment – with our aim to be paperless by the end of 2022 – in many ways, working with Medstrom has been a perfect partnership for us.”






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