Octopus Electric Vehicles and Co Charger - Public Charging Made Simple

24 Posted: 24th Nov 2023
Octopus Electric Vehicles and Co Charger - Public Charging Made Simple

If you’re a Co Charger user, there’s a very good chance that you’re an Octopus kind of motorist! Exclusively providing EVs from the start, with a genuine passion for communities and sustainability, they’ve led the way with simple, positive ways to drive EVs.

  • So it was natural for Co Charger to team up with Octopus EV to make an even bigger difference to our wonderful users and customers, and to the planet. We have a fantastic programme of collaborations underway to help more people to #StopBurningStuff sooner.

    Easily find and start a charge

    The Electroverse card and app give you one-tap access to hundreds of thousands of chargers across the UK & Europe.

    Plus, you can plan charging routes to any destination and tailor the experience to your EV.

    Did you know? More than 602,856 EV chargers work with Electroverse. Join for free today!


    Charging your electric vehicle used to mean multiple cards, apps and accounts all linked to different emails, texts and bills. Not anymore.

    This is Octopus Electroverse: one card and app, hundreds of thousands of chargers, all in one place. And all with zero added costs or ongoing fees.

    On the Electroverse app (available on App Store and Google Play), you can: - Discover charge points and see their pricing, speed and live availability - Access your charging history and data insights (inc. CO2 saved!) - Manage your account without the faff of getting in touch - And much more!

  • It's great to see how were able to help the customer navigate the considerations of transitioning to an electric vehicle (EV) based on their specific lifestyle and needs. Here's a case study from one customer:

    "I recently was at an event speaking to a customer who was looking at getting an EV and wondering if it would work for himself and his wife. He was retired and his wife worked twice a week. They lived in a terraced house, couldn’t have a home charger and were a one car family. I asked if I could understand his journey better, he dropped his wife at work twice per week (30 mile round trip) and typically every month they’d travel to see their Grandchildren on one of the weekends (120 mile round trip). He usually did their grocery shopping at the Tesco’s down the road. He was looking at getting an EV that had a ~270 mile range (real world driving).

    Through understanding that he typically shopped at the Tesco Extra twice per week and by using the Octopus Electroverse, he could charge his car when he needed to there using 22kWh/ 50kWh charging units in place. When he travelled to see his Grandchildren, if he was fully topped up he could make it there and back easily but ofcourse they could top up on their way back if they needed to. We used the Electroverse to find units on the way back demonstrating there were various options available. Further to this around the corner from where his daughter lived there was a home charging unit on Co-Charger, meaning he could charge whilst he was there if he wanted to and it would cost less than public charging. All in all what we ascertained with him in this conversation (using the tools mentioned above) is that he could live with an EV fairly easily."

    This example highlights the importance of personalized discussions and tools to address specific concerns and requirements when considering an electric vehicle. It also showcases the role of infrastructure data tools like Octopus Electroverse and Co-Charger in helping users find suitable charging options based on their travel patterns.

    EV might not work for everyone BUT there are some very effective solutions available to customers these days that they should be aware of.


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