Want to switch to electric? No driveway? No problem.

24 Posted: 24th Nov 2023
Want to switch to electric? No driveway? No problem.

Find a Host near your home with Co Charger app, connect up, and never burn fuel again.

  • By 2035, all new vehicle sales will be electric, which is great if you’ve got a driveway to install a charger. However, for the 40% of households who live in flats, terraces, rent, or don’t have a driveway, it’s harder. There are 15 million motorists needing a good way to charge.

    There’s a simple solution. Community Charging helps ‘Hosts’ (people with EV chargers) rent out their chargers to ‘Chargees’ (motorists who can’t charge at home). Co Charger is the only dedicated Community Charging platform, and the app handles all the ‘matchmaking’, booking and payment.

    At end June 2022, there’s just 33,000 public charge points across the UK, but over 400,000 home chargers. Sharing even a fraction of these could transform EV charging availability for everyone. After all, every charge removed from the public network is a charger freer for everyone to use!

  • How does it work?

    The Co Charger app looks after the ‘matchmaking’ between ‘Hosts’ (those with chargers) and ‘Chargees’ (those wanting to charge). It handles communication, booking and payments, making the process quick, simple, and hassle-free.

    There are about 400,000 home chargers across the UK – far more than the 30,000 public chargers that are currently available. By helping motorists share their chargers, Co Charger enables the 40-50% of motorists who can’t install a charger at home, to swap to an electric car.

    Want to know more?

    Co Charger‘s already helping thousands of EV owners share their home chargers with neighbours, so why not check out this video of Bradley and Emma which shows just how easy Co Charging is.


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