Big changes at Drayton Motors Suzuki

8 Posted: 8th Apr 2022
Big changes at Drayton Motors Suzuki
We've been through some big changes over the last few weeks. Our new uniforms are now starting to arrive and the name above the door will be changing soon...
    But perhaps the biggest change for all of us has been to say goodbye to our Gavin.
    Gavin had stayed on to see us through the changeover process from Cropleys Suzuki to Drayton Motors, but now he's finally ready to pursue his next adventure - and very much looking forward to his new job title of Grandad.
    He's told us to keep it strictly non-soppy and there's so much we could say - he's done a lot for all of us over the last 29 years - but we know you'll join us in simply wishing him the very best for the future.
    In other news, Amanda joined us earlier this year as General Sales Manager and was tasked with the huge undertaking of transitioning the business smoothly into the Drayton Motors group. In March, we advertised for a Sales Manager to help her with this mammoth job.
    We are very pleased to announce that the standout candidate by far was our very own Harley Bryant.
    Harley will now assume the role of Sales Manager at Drayton Motors Suzuki. Having recently undertaken Suzuki's own Path to Sales Manager training course, Harley is eager to put his new skills into practice by supporting our sales team throughout your next Suzuki experience.
    We wish you both the best of luck.

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