Checking Tyres During Lockdown Will Pay In The Long Run

18 Posted: 18th Feb 2021
Checking Tyres During Lockdown Will Pay In The Long Run

Many vehicles will not have been used much since Christmas and those that have are likely to have only been used for short trips. Some drivers might put maintenance checks on hold, TyreSafe is advising drivers to check their vehicle’s tyres during Lockdown to potentially save themselves money in the long run and reduce the risk of a tyre-related incident when they do return to the roads.

  • Most drivers are aware that as they drive, over time their tyres’ tread will wear down however they may ignore other important checks such as condition and air pressure if they aren’t regularly out on the road.

    In fact, a tyre is likely to harden and crack more quickly when it is left stationary than when it’s regularly used. If a tyre is left on a vehicle parked for any significant period of time, without the heat and movement from nominal use cracking could occur more quickly. To protect them from the environment, ideally tyres should be covered.

    While the effect of hardening usually takes months to have a noticeable impact on tyre condition, those who have had the same set fitted for some years should be aware of the potential for cracking to appear at any time.

    The weight of the vehicle resting on one section of the tyre also presents long-term problems. The tyre can become misshapen, which can create weak points internally. When used at higher speeds, these weak points create excessive heat and can lead to a catastrophic failure (or blowout) of the tyre.

    Vehicles should be moved regularly to ensure they do not rest on the same point.

    To reduce the risk of long-term damage caused by being out of use, a tyre’s air pressure should also be maintained at the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended settings. The correct air pressure (displayed as PSI or Bar) can be found in the owner’s manual, the fuel filler cap or door shut. An accurate pressure gauge should be used to check all tyres are properly inflated, including the spare wheel if your vehicle has one.

    When used on the roads, underinflated tyres cause the vehicle to use more fuel than is necessary. Not only that, but they will also wear quicker and be more vulnerable to damage.

    Stuart Jackson, TyreSafe chairman, said: “It’s easy to fall into the trap of ignoring maintenance checks when you’re not using your vehicle, but there are good reasons to keep up the routine. Most likely, using a vehicle with underinflated tyres will just add to your fuel bill and increase wear but there are instances when the outcome is far, far more severe. It’s imperative all vehicle owners continue to check their tyres throughout Lockdown – look after your tyres and they will look after you.”

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