It's all going on this Christmas and New Year at Wilson and Co!

22 Posted: 22nd Dec 2017
With our SWOP SHOP - now on until 7th January - you can make a big saving on our new and used cars - up to £3,000! This is also in conjunction with the Vauxhall offer of up to 20% on new cars. With 0%APR also available, there are some fantastic offers!
  • SWOP SHOP means that we will carry out an instant valuation on your vehicle and may even consider buying it from you even if you don't buy another one!

    If you do want to browse our cars - then you have the valuation and you can then take time to look at the reduced prices and know exactly what you will need to pay!

    Our team will be on hand at all times to help you or take you on as many test drives as you need.

    More detail here!


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