Our customer reviews his Electric Corsa

26 Posted: 26th Nov 2020
Our customer reviews his Electric Corsa

Tim took delivery of his New Vauxhall Corsa e in September and hasn't looked back. We keep on hearing all of the positive reviews and seeing the awards for this car, but it's something special to receive a rewiew from someone who owns one.

  • Electric.

    There is a lot to consider when changing your vehicle at any time, but when looking to go electric, there is without doubt a lot more than usual to think about.

    But the fact is that more and more people are choosing to go down the electric route and with the infrastructure of charging points growing at a rapid pace, the future is bright for electric. Especially so, when you factor in the recent news that the sale of New Petrol and Diesel cars will be banned from 2030.

    Why go electric?

    Not only is the UK becoming more accomodating to electric vehicles, but they bring along their own pros when it comes to motoring, not least being the savings you can make and the impact on the planet that electric vehicles have when compared to their Petrol and Diesel counterparts. Take a look at Tim, our Corsa-e customer for example... even though electric cars are often seen as expensive, the savings made when actually running the vehicle are considerable, especially when using the vehicle for commuting. Tim saves around £180 a month on his 80 mile a day commute!

    Not only are your savings considerable, but the effect electric cars have on the planet is miniscule when compared to Petrol and Dielsel vehicles, as there are 0 exhaust emissions emitted. As more and more electric vehicles appear on the road, the better the impact we have on the planet.

  • Standing out from the crowd

    The Corsa-e can not only save you money as well as the planet, but comes with a whole host of features that can set you apart from the crowd. From full app integration, to a range of driving modes to suit your desired driving style on any given day, and it is all helpfully detailed and showcased by our Corsa-e customer, Tim.

    MyVauxhall App Integration

    The MyVauxhall App does an incredible job of making your life more convinient with a whole host of features, most activated by the simple touch of a button. As Tim explains, one of the most useful features is the Charging Time selector, as this gives you the ability to allow the app to find the cheapest charging time available to you, when electricity is at its lowest. In Tim's case, a full 'tank' costs just £2.50!

    Not only can you defer charging times, you also have the ability to pre-set your Corsa-e's interior temperature, meaning you can arrive at your vehicle in the morning or after work, and get into a car at a temperature that is just right for you, essential for those cold winter months!

    Driver Modes

    One of Tim's last highlighted features is the range of different driver modes available to you when driving your Corsa-e.

    Sport Mode
    This is where you'll find the full 136hp and 260Nm of torque, along with weighted-up steering to match. This gives your Corsa-e nippy acceleration figures of around 0-60mpg in just 8.1 seconds when conditions allow.

    Eco Mode
    Brings a reduced power output of 82hp and 180Nm of torque, with a slower throttle response to match and a pared down climate control system. Pair this with the correct braking regeneration setting and you will get excellent economy figures.

    Normal Mode
    Driving in Normal mode means you'll be driving with 110hp and 220nm of torque. This gives you a balanced driving experience adaptable to all situations.

  • The verdict

    As Tim mentions early on in his review, he is a 'newly converted EV driver' and it is easy to see why. There are plenty of pre misconceptions when it comes to electric vehicles, and the Corsa-e is no different. However, with the commulative effort of the country and government to accomadate electric vehicles and the rapid improvement of electric vehicle technology, there is becoming less and less of an excuse not to get your hands on an electric vehicle.

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