Test Drive the New Insignia at Wilson & Co Vauxhall

21 Posted: 21st Jul 2017
Test Drive the New Insignia at Wilson & Co Vauxhall
They say you can’t have it all, but at Wilson & Co, we are challenging that perception with the stunning all-new Vauxhall Insignia.
  • Comfort and fuel efficiency are high on the agenda for modern drivers. With a larger cabin, lighter body weight and class-leading aerodynamics, the New Insignia means that drivers no longer need to compromise. In fact the Insignia goes one step further to deliver a spectacular car, which is packed with features and tech that will bring a touch of brilliance to the daily commute.

    The New Insignia offers a considerably larger cabin than its predecessor as well as ergonomic seats. However, the Insignia doesn’t just focus on comfort from a practical sense as it also offers a wealth of tech at the touch of a button.

    A Bose sound system, wireless phone charging, Apple CarPlay and head-up display are just some of the features found in the New Insignia, which mean you no longer need to sacrifice style for spec.  The Insignia heralds a new generation of car design, which sees technology successfully teamed with economic efficiency and comfort to create a true all-round car.

    The New Insignia is an exciting addition to the Vauxhall family. It is vastly different to the outgoing model and is a massive step change for Vauxhall.  It’s bursting with high tech features making it more than just a car.  

    From the entertainment system to the head-up display, it’s a dynamic car, which will show the daily commute in a whole new light. In fact facilities such as OnStar, a personal connectivity and service assistant with personal advisor on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, turn the car into your very own PA and allows you to get even more out of your drive. You can access OnStar through the push of a button via the smartphone app or direct call.  All drivers can benefit from automatic crash response, stolen vehicle assistance, vehicle diagnostics, and Wi-Fi hotspot thanks to OnStar. It’s even possible to book a hotel room or find a parking location.

    So, we would encourage anyone in the market for a new car to come and test drive the New Insignia and experience its brilliance for yourself. Call your local Wilson & Co Vauxhall showroom or click here to find out more.


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