Wilson and Co's Customer Service Record Shines

13 Posted: 13th Aug 2020
Wilson and Co's Customer Service Record Shines

Customers of Wilson and Co can be sure of receiving award-winning customer service when they visit, after winning the Vauxhall Customer Excellence Award.

  • The Customer Excellence Award comes from Vauxhall and was presented to Wilson and Co Grimsby and Scunthorpe, which highlights dealerships for the quality of service provided to customers. It comes as a great example to show the dedication Wilson and Co have to providing a quality service for all customers no matter what.

    How the award is decided

    Vauxhall look at thousands of Purchase Satisfaction and Service Satisfaction surveys. (One tally came to over 70,000 surveys in six months.) Each year, a Customer Excellence Award goes to Retailers with the best combined recommendations score.

    After you buy a new Vauxhall or have your vehicle serviced, you are invited to fill in a survey so your individual voice can be heard.

    What you can expect

    You can expect highly professional and attentive customer service, with clear and timely communications at every step. Wilson and Co routinely go the extra mile to help customers, and our award recognises the hard work that’s gone into our all-round service.

    The Customer Excellence Award isn't everything...

    This accolade it not the only award to be won this year however, as JudgeService, a review partner to Wilson and Co, rewarded Wilson and Co Scunthorpe with a certificate for achieving a 97% recommendation score. This means that over 97% of reviewed customers would recommend Wilson and Co Scunthorpe to a friend or family between the 1st January 2020 to 30th June 2020!


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